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Trigger Control is the KEY! The Pro’s and Experts Agree…

Basics of Trigger Control

Trigger Control, The Key To Success At the recent SHOT Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, I once again had an opportunity to mingle with the experts and professionals in the shooting industry.  Coupled with the on-going study of how to shoot well and correctly, I found some more pearls of wisdom.  I had the […]

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When It Goes “BANG”…But Not When You Wanted It To!

Half Cocked Hammer

The BANG We Never Want To Hear. The term we often use when a firearm discharges unintentionally is “accidental discharge”.  In most cases, a more accurate term would be “negligent discharge” as a safety rule was neglected or forgotten or worse yet, ignored.  Those who are involved in firearms instruction and training hear stories about […]

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The 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry!

According to Massad Ayoob, the Commandments of Concealed Carry! Most, in the civilized world, are familiar with the Biblical 10 Commandments.  I’d like to review another set of commandments that pertains to concealed carry as written in several sources by author and expert Massad Ayoob.  I have seen this in several articles and a couple […]

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Ch. 4; Violent Encounters, 5 Yr. FBI Study

And You Wonder Why Responsible People Want To Carry A Firearm! National Crime Statistics show that the weapon of choice for criminals is the handgun. National firearm restrictions, passed by the Federal Government, attempts to restrict firearm purchases by offenders. However, the offenders in this study stated that NONE of these laws or statutes deterred […]

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Utah Concealed Firearms Law Updates, Corrections, Clarifications…

Laws are changed, updated, or misunderstood…here are a couple to be aware of…

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Defense Training: Sources & Credible Information

Furthering your defense/safety training is only as good as the source you are learning from…

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Another Myth Exposed #2; The Bad Guys DO Practice, FBI Reports…

A five year study by the FBI about cop attackers and the weapons they use….Knowing this allows you a more defense mind set!

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Holsters…The Needs…The Search.

Holsters…Safety, Defense Mind Set, Protection, Smarts….

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New Industry Focus, About Time!

Firearms Technology for Defense, Safety, Personal Protection & Fun…Get Excited!

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Defense Accurate or Range Accurate?

Being defensively accurate is one thing…being range accurate is another!

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