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Defense and Safety: Look Good or Shoot Good?

You May Look Great…But Can You Shoot Defensively And Be Effective Enough To Save A Life???

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Defense Training: Sources & Credible Information

Furthering your defense/safety training is only as good as the source you are learning from…

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Guns, Safety, Defense….Check Your Source!!!

Is what you heard the truth? Where did they learn it from? Is that an old wives-tale? Source Checking…why its important!

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Continued; After The Permit Is Obtained…More Thoughts On “Now What?” Simple Little Things!

Its the simple, little things, that can help us be safer, more defensive, or prevent our success!!!

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AR vs AK #3; History and Facts About the AK…

Facts, History, Usage: AK 47 …nuff said

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AR vs. AK #1; The Challenge, Which One is Right for You?

AK vs. AR; The argument is intense…the purpose is absolute…What will you choose and why?

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Continued – Diaper Bags & Purses…

Carry Purses & Diaper Bags…consider getting the right gear and how that can make you safer!

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Continuing: What Comes After Getting A Concealed Carry Permit!

Getting your Concealed Firearms Permit is only the first step…there is still plenty more to do and learn for your safety…

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Keeping Your Distance….

Keeping your distance, keeping your life, keeping alert, Keeping it REAL!

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Your Self Defense Gun Needs to Start with a .22LR

Are .22 pistols are the best first pistols to purchase for defense? What about learning safety?

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