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Trigger Control is the KEY! The Pro’s and Experts Agree…

Basics of Trigger Control

Trigger Control, The Key To Success At the recent SHOT Show held in Las Vegas, Nevada, I once again had an opportunity to mingle with the experts and professionals in the shooting industry.  Coupled with the on-going study of how to shoot well and correctly, I found some more pearls of wisdom.  I had the […]

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A Freund Remington

Frank and George Freund…Making Their Way To A New World Frank and George Freund were German immigrants intoAmerica.  As craftsmen in Europe were a dime a dozen, the two gunsmiths fell into westward migration inAmericaand finally set up shop inDenver,Colorado.   Following the construction of the railroad, they had established their shops in various locations as […]

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When It Goes “BANG”…But Not When You Wanted It To!

Half Cocked Hammer

The BANG We Never Want To Hear. The term we often use when a firearm discharges unintentionally is “accidental discharge”.  In most cases, a more accurate term would be “negligent discharge” as a safety rule was neglected or forgotten or worse yet, ignored.  Those who are involved in firearms instruction and training hear stories about […]

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Another “Dirty Little Secret” … About Calling 9-1-1.

Another Dirty Little Secret

The Dirty Little Secret: Call 911 and probably, you will DIE. In an earlier contribution to the Defense Actions blog, I mentioned the “dirty little secrets” I share with students in Utah Concealed Firearm Permit courses.  The one that gets the most attention and even shocked reactions is when I point out that the police […]

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Flash-Mob Violence, Read The Signs…

Flash Mobs, Good or Bad?

Some Flash Mobs Turn Violent…Surprised? As of recent events, from the news reports to the web reports, there is a new “Gang Tactic” that is becoming more prominent and obtrusive in our society as a whole; Flash Mobs.  I know that since the news decided to do a report on this juvenile and ridiculous teenage […]

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Self-Defense, Defense Actions, Steve Beckstead, Dirty Little Secrets

Some Points of Self-Defense You Need To Consider… From teaching self-defense courses for many years and studying what happens in self-defense situations, I discovered what I call the “Dirty Little Secrets”.  This is information that often is not taught, shared or discovered, and in some cases deliberately left out of training. The three points I […]

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Ch. 5; Violent Encounters…5 Year FBI Study!

Perception – Its Role in the Violent Encounter This chapter is about a specific thing; Perception!  The focus is on three points in particular: An overview of a current theory about the way in which human beings perceive their environment. An explanation of how the perceptions of the officer and offender at the crime scene […]

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The 10 Commandments of Concealed Carry!

According to Massad Ayoob, the Commandments of Concealed Carry! Most, in the civilized world, are familiar with the Biblical 10 Commandments.  I’d like to review another set of commandments that pertains to concealed carry as written in several sources by author and expert Massad Ayoob.  I have seen this in several articles and a couple […]

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A Refreshing Experience; Working With 1st Time Shooters

Guns can be intimidating; Proper firearm instruction can go a long way… Often as a trainer, I get the great opportunity to work with people who have never shot much before and would be categorized as a first-time shooter.  At the request of a local shooting range, I recently contacted a young mother who wanted […]

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Your Gun Stopped Working…Now What?

My Gun Won’t Fire…What Am I Missing In My Practice Sessions? As a firearms instructor, I along with others, often see gun stoppages in practice or qualification.  While reading an article by Massod Ayoob in the October 2008 issue of Guns and Weapons for Law Enforcement I was reminded again for the importance of knowing […]

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