Concealed Carry FAQ’s

Common FAQ’s about Utah’s Concealed Carry Permit:

(FYI – You will hear Utah Concealed Carry Permit all the time, but technically, it is a “Concealed Firearms Permit”)

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1. Q: Does Utah require range time, or a shooting test, to get a permit?

A- Not at this time. Range time was required years ago, but not right now!

2. Q: How many states does the permit cover? (Reciprocity & Recognition)

A- At the moment, Utah’s Concealed Carry Permit reaches 35 states. We just picked up Wisconsin on Nov. 1, 2011.

3. Q: Can non-residents get the Utah permit?

A- Yes, about 60% of the applicants for the Utah Concealed Carry Permit are non-residents. As of May 10, 2011 any non-resident who wants to get a Utah Concealed Carry Permit has to consider the following: Non-residents who are from a state that recognizes Utah’s permit, have to obtain the permit from their own state first, showing proof thereof, before they can apply for a Utah permit. For those who are from states that do not honor Utah’s permit, or states that simply don’t issue Concealed Carry permits, you can apply like you would normally before the changes.

4. Q: What are the fee’s involved in getting a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit?

A- There are 2 parts to the Utah Concealed Carry Permit. Part 1: Attend the required course (fees vary depending on the instructor, but the average is about $50) and after you obtain the signature and stamp of completion from a certified instructor (like us), Part 2: Then you need to turn the paperwork into the BCI. (Application, Fingerprints, Photo, Copy of Drivers License) The fee to be paid at that time is $41 for residents and $51 for non-residents. If personal checks are sent, they must have printed on the check, name, address and phone number. BCI will not accept temporary checks with the information written in. BCI does prefer cashiers checks, or just use your credit card. Cash can be taken at the cashiers window located at BCI. (If you have cash, you don’t get to cut in line) The renewal fee is now $15 for everyone.

5. Q: Does Utah allow deadly force to protect property?

A- No, you cannot use deadly force to protect property. “Property” being defined as your “Stuff.” If an offender is inside your home, stealing property, that is a different section of the law, under castle doctrine.

6. Q: Does Utah allow concealed carry in schools or on campuses?

A- YES, Utah is the ONLY state that allows a person, who has a Utah Concealed Carry Permit, to carry on any school ground that is owned by the state.

7. Q: Do you have to be a US citizen to get a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit?

A- No, you do not have to be a citizen of the United States to obtain a Utah Concealed Carry Permit. You must have your naturalization card/number, and turn in a copy of it with your paperwork as well.

8. Q: Can Utah residents carry in their cars without a Concealed Firearms Permit?

A- Yes, as of 2010, Utah residents can carry a loaded firearm inside they vehicles at all times. They must be 18 years or older, own the car or have permission from the owner of the vehicle to have a firearm in the car. (Just don’t take it out, if you don’t have a permit)

9. Q: Can I mail in the application or do I have to turn it in, in person?

A- YES, you can mail it in or turn it in, in person; both will work. If it is mailed in, use a full size manilla envelope. Don’t bend the application or fingerprint card!

10. Q: How many firearms can I have on me with a Utah Concealed Firearms Permit?

A- The Utah Concealed Carry Permit allows you to conceal as many legally obtained firearms as you would like, in the state of Utah.

Reciprocity & Recognition with Utah’s Permit!

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